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06 July 2009

A Very Happy Start

I’ve been planning to join blogger for such a long time and at last it’s happening. I'm calling it my ‘wed-blog’ because it’s all about weddings, especially weddings in Canberra and nearby.
I have lots of ideas for blogs so I plan to keep this site quite active. I’d love to have correspondence to enter into, so please feel free to post comments.
For my first wed-blog which I’ve called ‘A Very Happy Start’ I have some photos and comments from two very happy couples. They got in touch with me recently about their weddings. I’ve never asked for testimonials yet I get lots of great feedback in letters and emails of thanks and appreciation. For all of them, I am thankful and appreciative.
Kristen and Peter married at Gold Creek Chapel on February 7 this year
I love being a marriage celebrant so it’s very easy for me to put my heart into everything I do. Just about always, several guests will tell me how much they enjoyed the ceremony. If this doesn’t happen, I'm surprised and I wonder if there is something I could have done differently, and better.
Of course I find the joy of the bride and groom contagious, and this was certainly so at Kristen and Peter’s wedding. As you’ll see in their photos, they were both beaming.

(I just can't work out how to place the other photos where I want them, so I'll put them in
Bye for now

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