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Simple easy service by one of Canberra's most experienced celebrants. (I have married over 1400 couples.) Your beautiful memorable alternative to a Registry Office wedding. Only one one-hour meeting required and the next time we meet, it's your wedding day!

If you live outside Australia and want to marry here

Please note - this is a Wedding Page. If you'd like to visit my blog, where you'll find masses of information about getting married in the ACT and surrounds, and getting married in Australia in general, click hereMy latest wedding news and photos are on my facebook page. I also put photos on Pinterest.

This is what you need to know

If you both wish to live in Australia as a married couple and if you are in Australia and your partner is overseas, they will need a Prospective Marriage Visa. Applying for a visa is a long process. Please note that after many years of helping many couples with their visa applications, while one of them is living overseas, I no longer provide this service.

Jenny from China
Jenny from Shanghai, China
flew to the Heart Garden to marry 
Mars in the Spring of 2015

But - if you are reading this blog in another country and you'd both like to marry in Australia without moving to Australia to live, I would still be very happy to help you with that. Just like Rosanna and Fabrizio who flew from Sardinia in Italy to marry in my beautiful garden, stayed in Canberra for a few honeymoon days, and flew home again as newlyweds. It was in September 2013, which in Oz is early Spring.

There are no residency requirements for marrying in Australia. You must be 18 or over and not already married in any other country. You must provide official evidence to support your application, such as birth certificates, passports, divorce evidence and so on. You must give a minimum of one month's notice to your celebrant by way of a Notice of Intended Marriage. This can be done by email or airmail.

You can be male, female or of indeterminate gender or unspecified gender. You may marry a partner of the opposite sex or the same sex as your own.

Stephanie and David share a kiss as newlyweds
Stephanie flew in from
Ottawa and David flew
in from Paris to marry
each other in the 
Heart Garden in
Canberra, Australia.
You will probably want a fairly simple wedding ceremony, especially if your English is not strong. If you don't know enough English to understand the marriage process and ceremony, as your celebrant, an interpreter must attend your wedding. (They don't have to be a professional interpreter.) 

An interpreter's Certificate must be sent to the Registrar by your celebrant for the registration of your marriage.

Here's a page of information about the Simple (but still) Special Service that I provide. My fee is 600AUD. 
Rosanna flew from Italy with Fabrizio to marry in the Heart Garden
Rosanna from
Sardinia, Italy,
arrived single and
flew home from the
Heart Garden, married
to Fabrizio.
(What a magic garden!)
(If your marriage plan changes, a refund of $350 may apply)

The service I'll give you is beautifully simple and simply beautiful. Even though the ceremony is short and sweet, and mostly comprises the legal obligations of the Australian Marriage Act, there are several opportunities to personalise it. I will help you with this. 

I can also help you find an interpreter and witnesses.

If I am your celebrant, you will take home with you, your wedding ceremony, printed in the font of your choice and your personal Marriage Certificate (also in the font of your choice). I will also advise you about purchasing a certificate online from the Registrar's Office, once your marriage has been registered in Australia. It can be sent to your overseas address.

Please use the email contact form to let me know your plan. I'd love to help your dream of getting married in Australia become a wonderful and memorable reality.

Michele the Celebrant
3 July 2017

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