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14 February 2010

With this ring I marry you

     Well, here it is St Valentine's Day and the one I love who got the best gift is Mother Earth. Canberra got constant rain day and night this weekend and my heart has gone out to the Valentine newlyweds. If they were planning to marry outdoors, as many couples do at this time of the year, I hope they had a beautiful indoor venue as a backup plan (like The Oaks Brasserie).
     On the question of who marries you, is it your celebrant? No. You marry each other with your vows. So, for a celebrant to say 'with the power vested in me by the state, I now declare you husband and wife' (or words to that effect) is rather misleading.              Your celebrant can certainly declare you husband and wife but anyone can assume the power to do that. If you wish, you can tell your guests yourselves that you are now married.
     Your celebrant's role is to make your marriage legal. 
     A beautiful shady venue at this time of the year is the Old English Gardens in Yarralumla. In the photo above, I'm standing with Sally and Kingsley, whose wedding was at the beginning of March. Sally wore cream lace and green satin, perfect for the dappled-shade setting.
     I plan to write a blog post soon about The Oaks Brasserie, which is next to the Old English Gardens and, if you marry in the gardens, it's the ideal place for your reception. I've been celebrant at a couple of weddings there recently when we've needed to get cover from the rain, and in the marquee attached to the brasserie/gallery, this was no problem. 
     Here's another happy photo of Kingsley and Sally when they were newlyweds.
     I see the sun coming out as I write. Time to finish and take a stroll in the wonderfully refreshed Heart Garden.
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     Till next time