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FREE RELAXATION AUDIO as you prepare for your special day

Preparing for a wedding takes a lot of time and energy.  ;
It's a good idea to schedule some 'time out' for yourself.

Taking time out to relax will make you more calm and efficient at all the things you need to do. Taking time out to refresh yourself will make you more clear-headed about all the decisions you need to make, big and small.

Many years ago I was a very busy, yet relaxed, Stress Management Consultant. With my friend, master ambient musician Dr Alan Hinde, I recorded a relaxation audio tape for participants in my relaxation and meditation courses. Word got around about how well this audio worked. Soon Alan and I had sold about two thousand copies!

We got amazing feedback. The tape was used in the pain clinic in Redcliffe Hospital, nuns in a Brisbane convent used it to prepare for vespers, students listened often in a uni library in Tasmania.

Alan has converted the audio tape to mp3. We call it Time Out for Ten, but you get a bonus of over a minute, because you'll actually experience 11 minutes and 23 seconds of timeless relaxation. We no longer sell this audio - it's now our gift to you.

Sit back and listen, or lie down and listen. Maybe you'll go to your favourite quiet place to listen. 

I can guarantee that this audio will calm you every time you listen and let yourself go with it. You don't need to follow all the guiding words because the music will calm you anyway, but the guiding words will give you a relaxing focus. You may fall asleep - no problemo 😴

During the build up to your big day, I suggest you Take time out .. to relax and refresh. The benefit will be instant. If you listen before sleep, the quality of your sleep will likely be better. It will be deeper, more rhythmic and more regenerating (and that's exactly what you need at this busy pre-wedding time, yes?) 

And then on the big day itself, see if you can slip away quietly from all the preparations for some precious and freshing minutes to yourself. You'll be so glad you did.



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