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24 March 2011

The celebrants' celebrant

Hello, and welcome
     In my last blog posts I was wondering what the weather would be like for the wedding of Bronwyn and Scott in the Heart Garden on Monday March 21.
     The morning was misty then overcast. The temperature was very pleasant. Two large sun umbrellas under the pergola kept the pergola area dry during occasional light sprinkles of rain. The lawn was lush and green. In the gentle light, the soft colours of the asters, crepe myrtles and fuschias looked beautiful and the strong colours of begonias and roses contrasted well with the many shades of green.The air was filled with the delicious peachy scent of osmanthus, as it always is at this time of year. All set for the wedding at 4.30.
     As the afternoon progressed, the sky got darker. The rain held off and the whole scene was still one of beauty and peace. The groom arrived, the guests arrived and right at the time of the bride's arrival - the FLOOD!

19 March 2011

When weddings could be wettings you need a backup plan

Hello, and welcome
     Gone are the days it seems that we could say with confidence that it wouldn’t rain on a Canberra wedding day. These days everybody needs a back-up plan. 
     I was so pleased for Rach and Rob when they married at the Old Parliament House Rose Gardens last Sunday, that the rain that had been forecast didn’t fall. All their children did a great job as attendants, and my admiration goes to Rachel especially for bringing this wonderful family event to fruition.
     Rob and Rach got a perfect evening with beautiful light, still air and temperature just right. Since their reception was planned for the Southern Cross Club Yacht Club in Yarralumla, that became their back-up location.  
     If you’re planning a Canberra wedding and you’re working out your back-up plan, it’s a good idea to ask your reception place first if the wedding can be moved there if need be. Also, I suggest you ask your celebrant if you can start your ceremony half an hour later if the wedding needs to be moved.
     We were lucky too on Saturday at lunchtime at Uriarra East. The forecast rain did not fall. The sun shone surprisingly hotly but there was plenty of shade. The bride looked stunning in a red dress from India and her extraordinary flowers came from The Glasshouse in Cooleman Court. Total effect - superb!
     We signed on this massive old stump, at just the right height. It seemed to have been put there just for the purpose. At the top of the photo on the left you can see the Murrumbidgee River in the background. There are a couple more photos of this beautiful country venue not far out of Canberra in the slideshow to the right of this post.
     I have several great photos of this very happy wedding with its unusual colours and its peaceful natural location where we gathered by the river, but I’ve been asked to keep them private. 
     Likewise with photos from the wedding on Friday in my Heart Garden in Weston. (I only post wedding photos on my blog with permission from the bride and groom.)
     Again, rain was forecast and it had been raining most of the night. As the rain kept falling during the morning, I set up the Green Room (my meeting room) for the ceremony. The bride and groom could stand in the bay window with the garden as their backdrop.
     Hoping the weather would clear in time, I put the new table and chair I had bought with weddings in mind under a large umbrella in the pergola. Everything was ready for all eventualities. When lunchtime came, the rain stopped and the sky stayed overcast – just right for the wedding. Perfect light for photos, and a lovely time was had by all. 

     There’s a wedding in the Heart Garden this coming Monday (March 21) and again, the forecast is for rain. Again I will set up the Green Room as a back-up plan and hope we won’t be needing it. I'm happy to say that bride Bronwyn and groom Scott have given me the OK to put some photos from their wedding in my blog. I look forward to sharing images of their special day with you.

The celebrants' celebrant
     Well, I've been calling myself 'The celebrants' celebrant' for several years because three celebrants have chosen me to be celebrant at their own weddings. Soon I'll be able to say that five celebrants have chosen me to officiate at their weddings. I believe that this is a great vote of confidence in the service I provide.
     If you would like me to be celebrant at your wedding, please call me on 6161 0718 any day between 9am and 9pm, or email me. Click here, or fill in the contact form (see Wedding Pages top right in this blog).       
     Whether you wish to book my services or not, please feel free to call me or email me with any questions you may have about getting married in Australia in general, or specifically about getting married in Canberra or nearby NSW. I'll be happy to help. 

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