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19 September 2011

Getting married in Australia takes time – please take note

Hello, and welcome
Magnolia 'Star Wars' - star of the Heart Garden in early September
I know this was the subject of my last blog post but I want to mention it again. It really needs to be public knowledge.
You must wait one month and one day after you lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage with your celebrant (or church) before you can get married in Australia.
     I have just been helping a young couple who, due to unusual circumstances, want to get married very soon. It’s not that there’s an emergency, it’s that many elaborate and traditional cultural plans have been put in place at great expense and they didn’t know about needing to wait out the month and a day. They want to get married in the Heart Garden before they fly to her homeland for a major celebration. As I type, we are waiting for the Registrar’s adjudication.
     The answer on a request to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages for time shortening is rarely ‘yes’. The government expects its citizens to know the law. For exactly fifty years the Marriage Act has decreed the one-month-and-one-day requirement pre-marriage. This law however is hardly ever mentioned in the media. I’m always hoping to spread the word to lots of people. I don’t want other couples to go through the anguish that the couple I am working with right now is experiencing. 
     I hope their news will be good.
George and Louise married in the green room on August 19
Their ceremony was simple but very moving

     Spring in the Heart Garden is glorious! It gets more beautiful every day. If you’d like to have your small simple wedding here on a weekday, you’d be so welcome, and there’s no extra charge for this. (There are no Registry Office weddings in the ACT). If the weather's unpleasant we can hold the ceremony in the green room/meeting room.
     Of course if you’re thinking of getting married soon, you’ll have to wait till late October at the earliest to have your wedding here—or elsewhere. The early roses will be appearing around then.
     My husband David and I have had the happiest weekend, reuniting with many friends from our ANU days. I did a collage of six couples, still close friends of ours, who shared a Bruce Hall romance and have been married ever since. (That's David and me on the right)

3 Seeds has moved
3 Seeds has moved to its new home at Fyshwick Markets. It’s such a good move I'm sure it will be permanent. I mention this excellent local business because the quality of everything’s so high, and the business belongs to friends of mine. For wedding reception catering, 3 Seeds is superb. 
     The last time I gave 3 Seeds a mention in my blog was to recommend a cooking class with top chef Andrew Haskins as a brilliant concept for a Hens’ Night. You’d learn lots and have heaps and heaps of fun.
Romance is certainly in the air as the sap is rising and the blossoms burst. If you’re planning to marry, I’d be delighted to be your celebrant. Please fill out the contact form or email me directly by clicking here. Of course you may prefer to phone. I'm available on 02 6161 0718 any day from 9 am to 9pm, or ring my mobile 0406 376 375.

Till next time