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18 August 2012

Popular new feature in my Simple (but still) Special Service

Hello, and welcome
There have been quite a few small weddings in my Heart Garden this year, and several more to come in Spring and Summer. 
     Even though Winter is certainly less colourful than the other three seasons, I always make sure that the garden is a beautiful place to visit when a wedding's been booked. 
     Here are a couple of recent happy couples, enjoying their small intimate winter weddings:
Kathleen and Tristan married on August 1
Mihi and Michael married on August 3

Add your own personal vows

I want to tell you about a new feature I've added to my Simple Service, but please note: The price remains the same at $350, everything included. 
     I now invite couples to - if they wish - bring vows they've written for each other. Some couples still want to 'keep it simple', without adding extra vows, while others welcome the chance to personalise their wording more in a simple basic ceremony.
     I've noticed that some couples who choose to write their own vows for reading to each other, also like to put time and creativity into making a beautiful memento of their vows. Look at these on the right, prepared by Franscesca for her wedding with Aldo in May. (Yes, they're in Italian.)

     And how is this photo below for pure, inspiring loveliness as Kathleen reads her personal vow to Tristan? There was not a dry eye in the house.

     Of course you must include vows of marriage as specifically set out in the Marriage Act of 1961 to make your marriage legal. As I wrote in an earlier blogpost this year, they must not, by law, be traditional 'I do' vows, unless you marry in church.They must be vows in which you say your own name and take your partner as your 'lawful wedded' wife or husband. (Or just your 'lawful' or just your 'wedded' or as your 'spouse') You can though, in a legal civil wedding ceremony add any other words you wish. 
     Rather than integrating your special words into the booklet of your ceremony - printed on parchment in the font of your choice and tied with ribbon of your choice - as I would with a full wedding service, you bring your words with you to read on the day.

It delights me that so many couples these days who at first look to marry in a Registry Office and then find out that this is not possible in the ACT, choose to marry at my home. 
     They comment so often that the wedding they have in the Heart Garden (or in my meeting room if the weather's unfriendly) turns out to be a much more special event than they could have imagined. This is all good for my heart and I'm grateful that I get to share in so much happiness. 
Michael and Mihi's daughters , 
Keira-Leigh and Isabella 
laugh and dance as pink petals
are shaken from the 
winter blossom tree.

If you would like me to officiate for you when you marry each other, either in my garden or in another special location you choose together, I would be very pleased to do so. 
     Are you interested in having a small simple wedding, or would you like to know more about the 'full service' I provide? (My fee for this is $550, payable as a $250 deposit and balance of $300.) If you'd like to see how the garden looks in the month you wish to marry, click here to visit my garden blog, then look for the month menu in the right column.
     There's an email contact form in the Wedding Pages to the right of this blog. Or phone me on 0406 376 375 or 02 6161 0718 at any time from 9am to 9pm on any day of the week. Or text me. Or email me to arrange a chat on Skype.

You put so much thought into making your wedding day a joy, I know. My congratulations to you both on your happy plan. I'd truly love to join you.

Till next time,