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05 December 2012

Brides are so beautiful!

Hello, and welcome.
Rose married Terry  in the Heart Garden on Friday November 9
Rose beams with joy, surrounded by masses of roses.
     Well here it is, my first blog post since September. I have written several in my head since then but they didn’t actually make it to here. I’ve been so busy with weddings! 
I love brides! And I love the heartfelt
feelings that we share 
on their day of days.
Here Lin gives me a
hug of happiness,
after she married Lee
in the Formal Gardens of
Parliament House 
on September 29.
     Now it’s December and the wedding scene is going quiet until the new year. 
Eddie watches his gorgeous
Cassie arrive for their
wedding in
Queanbeyan Park
on November 10.
     I’ve decided to simply present lots of photos of lovely brides for my last post for the year. 
     Of course I see a lot of fine-looking grooms as well - see Eddie on the right - and I love being around their happiness when they get married. I've decided though to just fill my blog with some recent bride photos for you to enjoy, and get a warm glow from, especially as we're coming into the season of love and good cheer. 
     I'll come back in the new year with news and notes that I’ve been wanting to share with you since September.
     One thing I must mention now though – my Wedding Pages to the right of this post don’t show up on smartphones. (Not sure about tablets.)
    If you’re reading this on your phone, here are links to Pages about the services I offer, my fees, Notice of Intended Marriage download, a slideshow of recent photos, and so on.

Sarah, with her sweet little flowergirl, daughter Chloe,
before her marriage to Chris at
Black Mountain Tower, September 7.

Linda married her beloved Andrew in the
Formal Gardens
of Parliament House
on Friday October 19   (Free venue)

And Julie married her long-time love Paul
in the Formal Gardens the next day.
Saturday October 20

Holly and Aki married on a warm spring day
in the Heart Garden,
with their three children,
who all had fun, playing in the garden.
Friday October 26 2012  (Free venue)

And Beth married Heng under the rare Japanese double
wisteria, in full bloom, in the Heart Garden
on  Friday October 26
     I enjoy my celebrant work very much. If you’re planning to marry, I’d love to be there for you on your big day and help you both make your wedding a great success. If you’re planning a very small, simple, weekday wedding, you’d be so welcome to marry in my Heart Garden in Weston. There’s no extra charge for this.
 Nicole and Quang married in the
House of Reps Rose Gardens
at Old Parliament House on October 27
(Free venue)

And Natalie came from Japan with Sam to
marry at Poachers Pantry on Friday November 2
in the presence of family and many friends

10-11-12 was a popular wedding date.
Here Mandy arrives for her wedding with Darren
in the Heart Garden.

Cassie was so happy to marry Eddie that same day in Queanbeyan Park.
(Free venue, as far as I know)

Framed by our amelanchier tree full of fruit,
here is Amy, who married Haibo
last Thursday, November 29
in the Heart Garden.

And in the heat of early summer,
last Friday December 1
Nadja and Ben were married in the relatively
cool and shady Heart Garden. Nadja is
holding baby Nicholas (and his bottle of water)

Lin and Lee with me at
Parliament House Formal Gardens, after
their September 29 wedding .
     Here’s a link to my email contact form, or see it in Wedding Pages on the right. Or email me directly, or phone me on my mobile 0406 376 375, or on 02 6161 0718, anytime between 9am and 9pm any day of the week. I'm available every day (and evening) to respond quickly to wedding enquiries and arrange to meet soon.
     One of the great things about my work as a civil celebrant is that I also get to meet lots of family and close friends of the bride and groom at such a special time of sharing. Almost magically, when the wedding ceremony is over, many of the guests are suddenly related!
Who's got the best job in the world? Me!
Bronwyn and Alistari married in the Heart Garden
on Friday November 23 2012
Their wedding was a total delight!


     I wish you and all your special people a wonderful Christmas season and a very happy new year.

Till next time,


PS Alistair and Bronwyn have since sent me a thank-you card with a gorgeous photo on the cover, taken in the Heart Garden. 
They wrote:
Dear Michele
Thank you for helping to make our wedding so special and memorable. Your warmth, humour, excitement and generosity were an invaluable part of the spirit of love, friendship and celebration we felt on the day. Your beautiful Heart Garden was the perfect setting for our marriage....