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20 September 2013

A testimonial to treasure

Hello, and welcome

     Here’s an easy way for me to write a blogpost – simply show you this wonderful testimonial I received this week, with the kind permission of its writers.
The rustic entrance
gate to the
Heart Garden
is open.
     Stephanie and David were married in the Heart Garden on Friday September 6.
     Stephanie was living in Sydney and David flew from Paris for their wedding. The newlyweds will soon move to Canada together. 
     Almost twenty years ago I was celebrant for Stephanie’s mother Merrilyn and her step-Dad Ephraim, so it was a pleasure for me to see them again, and to meet Stephanie’s father, Leo.
     Friday 6 September was a beautiful gentle day. The temperature was just right and the air was still. The wedding was in mid-afternoon.
The wedding party arrives.
     As a registered civil celebrant, I am obliged by the Marriage Act to request that all couples review my performance as their celebrant. I have put a Review Form in the Wedding Pages to the right of this post to facilitate this process if a couple chooses to follow through. I am obliged to request an evaluation but no couple is obliged to respond with one.
Stephanie and David register the perfume of freessias
to remind them always of their wedding day.
     Occasionally a couple does review their wedding. They always write great things and with their permission, I can use quotes in my testimonials.
Mazel tov!
     I found the review from David and Stephanie so moving, and so affirming for me of the way I do my work as a wedding celebrant and the added enrichment the Heart Garden gives, that I wanted to share it with you:
Rating: 10/10

'How to describe what you did for us?

The wedding ceremony was exactly what we wanted: simple, elegant and full of love. Your garden is a very special place in itself but it wouldn't feel the same without you.

We could feel from the moment we met you how kind, warm and funny you are, and the whole experience completely reflected those feelings.
David and Stephanie.
Just married.

We both felt supported and guided through what will remain one of the most beautiful moments of our lives, and your talents meant we could completely enjoy our union.
Stephanie and 'Star Wars' magnolia

Merci beaucoup Michele, you are without a doubt the ideal guardian of this Heart Garden and we felt the touch of your precious gift.

We wish you all the best for your future celebrations and for your life in the future.
Michele and the newlyweds
Farewell to 
the Heart Garden
through the avenue of 
prunus cerasifera nigra 

With all our affection.
David and Stephanie'

     My thanks to this beautiful couple that I was part of such an important event in their lives together. May the joy and beauty of their wedding day be with them both always.

If you'd like me to be celebrant
     If you'd like me to be celebrant at your wedding at any venue, including my beautiful peaceful Heart Garden, or you are simply at the enquiry stage, please phone me on 0406 376 375 on any day between 9am and 9pm. 
     Or on my landline 02 6161 0718. Or use the email contact form in the Wedding Pages to the right of this post. Or we can chat on Skype. (And you can Skype during your wedding ceremony if you wish.)
     If you're overseas right now, or out of Canberra and you would like to marry in Canberra, we can do most of the preparation for your wedding, including the lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage, by email
     If you wish to marry a month from today, contact me now and I'll let you know how you can do this. (As decreed by the Marriage Act, one month from now is the minimum time until your wedding.) 

Till next time