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19 October 2014

Brides are never late

Hello, and welcome.
     Brides are never late. This is my belief. Their timing is always perfect. They arrive in ‘bride time’ and bride time is not of man’s world. (You may quote me on that J).
Michelle had such a gentle radiance
about her when she married Jason
in the Sunken Garden of
Queanbeyan Park 
on Saturday 11 October 2104
     I know from my own wedding, way back last millennium, that preparing to be a bride and then actually appearing as the bride, can take a lot of time and care. It’s a truly unforgettable experience, even in a very low-key wedding.
     I will be glad when brides believe that it’s not rude to be late for their wedding. I will always give them reassurance and wait until they feel more relaxed and are fully present to the moment before I begin the ceremony.      I will also wait until the groom lets me know that he's ready to get married.
     I missed the start of my own wedding because I was so overwhelmed. I think I’d been waiting to hear: ‘Dearly beloved, we are gathered here ...’ since I was a little girl. But I missed it. And I know I’ll never hear those words for me again.
     I will take care to ensure that you don’t miss any of your wedding ceremony. I’ll wait until I get the OK from each of you individually before I start to read your ceremony. 
 Beautiful bride Bec married Brendan
in the Heart Garden on Friday 26 September.
Bec chose her favourite colours and the
garden responded with the same.
(It's WA wildflower, eremophila nivea
at the Heart Garden gate.) 
* see below

     I always ask the musicians or the guest looking after the entrance music to wait until I give them a sign before they stop or fade the music. This gives the groom and bride some ‘settling in’ time together before their ceremony starts.
     Once the ceremony begins, even though I speak quite slowly, the whole wedding can feel to the couple like it’s over in mere minutes! (By the way, I’ve had two years of voice training and attended several workshops for voice and public speaking. I used to run my own seminar centre and had a regular segment on 2CC. Have also talked on 2XX and local ABC radio. Have recorded a relaxation audio with ambient musician Dr Alan Hinde that always works because my voice is easy on the ear and Alan’s music was played from the heart.)

This is my advice to all beautiful brides 
(and all brides are beautiful because they radiate their joy):
     It’s fine to arrive at your wedding when you get there. Anyone who accuses you of being late and being rude is out of touch with your intention. You have not been planning to arrive after the time you were expected, according to the invitations you prepared.      
     Your intention is to get ready and arrive when you feel right, and when you feel truly ready to make such a significant commitment in your life. And on your day, your timing is perfect.
     So, arrive when you arrive and know that all is well.
Looking magnificent together in Tongan traditional
costume, Losi and JP married in the Heart Garden
on October 2014. Losi has written my a wonderful
review. It's on my Testimonial Wedding Page
  - Thank you so much, Losi.
     Take deep breaths and enjoy the thrill of seeing your beloved groom waiting for you. It’s his day too. Enjoy your most special day together.

If you’d like me to be your celebrant
     If you’d like me to be celebrant at your wedding, please contact me by email – click here – or by filling in the contact form in Wedding Pages. If you’re viewing this on your smartphone, you’ll probably see a tiny icon in the top left corner that will take you into Pages. (There’s also other information on this blog that only comes up on a larger screen.)
     My friends the googlebots may have directed you to this site because you were looking for a Canberra registry office wedding and you found out that they don’t exist. If you’d like a short and simple ceremony, this link will take you to that Wedding Page.
Robbie and Erica
married in the Heart Garden
on Wednesday 24 September.
Such a happy family day!
    You are most welcome to marry in my beautiful romantic garden on a weekday and you have up to eight guests or so. Many couples say to me: ‘This is so much better that getting married in a registry office.’ They are delighted by the ‘value adding’ of having their wedding in a large tranquil private garden. (There is no extra fee for this.)
     If you’d like my Simple Service on any day of the week, at any time of day or night, with any number of guests, then choose your own location and I’ll be there. (And I’ve recently found out that my fee is less than the NSW registry weekend fee, which has been set at $507.)
     If you’d like more opportunity to prepare your own ceremony, along with other extras, then you can read about my full service here.
     My other occupation is writer. I’ll give you all the help you wish to prepare a ceremony that speaks for both of you in such a way that your guests will be saying things like: ‘I can’t believe how perfect your ceremony sounded. It was so right for you two!’
     If you are doing a celebrant search before you make your decision, I’ll be very happy to talk with you on Skype. Just send a quick email and we'll arrange a time. Or phone me for a chat on 0406 376 375, anytime between 9 and 9 on anyday. Or email.
It was so easy for me to share the happiness
of Vicki and Donald

when they married at Lanyon Homestead in Tharwa
on Saturday September 20  2014
     My congratulations to you both on your happy plans. I’d love to be there for you as your celebrant when your wedding day at last arrives!


* Brendan and Bec's photographer was Tate Needham, a real pleasure to work with. 
Tate sent me a link to the great photos he took on the day