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08 January 2016

Last year had such a happy ending.

Hello, and welcome.
On Saturday December 5 2015,  Lou and Dan married at Mystery Bay on the south coast.
It was a big, joyful family-and-friends event. They had a simple wedding ceremony, which included
very moving personal vows to each other. There was a fabulous party to follow. Many guests camped at the site.   

January is a quiet time for me and weddings because I have my annual rest until the Australia Day holiday.
UPDATE 26 January
I enjoyed my time off in January. I thought I'd get some writing done but I always seemed to end up working in the garden! When it calls me, it's so insistent! As I add this update, I'm at my desk, preparing for a wedding in my garden tomorrow morning.

     As we move into 2016, the googlebots are still being very kind to me and sending lots of work my way. Surely, over 120,000 page views of this blog is a high count for something so local and so specialised.
     There are no weddings at the Registry Office in the ACT and searches for this are often sent my way by my googlebot friends.
Annette and Matthew married
with a simple ceremony
in the elegant simplicity
of the Margaret Whitlam
Pavilion at the Australian
National Arboretum
Saturday 31 October 15
     I pop over to facebook every so often and maybe I’ll give my facebook page more attention this year. I take lots of wedding photos and I like to put some there (with permission, of course).
     And as always, word-of-mouth is still a main way for couples to hear of the high quality of the service I so enjoy providing.
Your day is my focus.
That’s my promise. 
It’s my pleasure.
     In the short and simple ceremony I've created, all legal requirements are included, yet couples still have the opportunity to make several choices about how the legal parts are presented. They can also add their own personal vows if they wish. Many choose to do this. Many don't.
     Simply beautiful and beautifully simple.  These are the weddings I already specialise in. Simple weddings are so popular these days, especially in my private romantic Heart Garden. There’s no extra cost involved for this.
     Couples who visit usually notice how special the Heart Garden feels. The peaceful welcoming feel doesn’t come across in online images and they often comment on this. Wedding guests also tell me they enjoy the way the garden feels, and not just its beauty.
     If you'd like to see how the garden looks in the month you plan to marry, my page on Pinterest has a large collection of photos. Or visit and look for the menu of monthly slideshows. 
Happy bride Nisa, after her
marriage to Selwyn  in the
Heart Garden, Canberra
Friday 27 November 15
     Much of the time, I’m in the garden, working away as The Heart Gardener. I'm adding plants, weeding, feeding and generally maintaining. On and off during the day, and into the evening (often until about midnight) I’ll be at my desk. Of course my desk overlooks the garden!
     I’m self-employed. This means that I set my own schedule. I can be available for your wedding any day, or any night, at any time and location that you choose. (Please note here that Heart Garden weddings are only held during weekdays.)
My Wedding Pages will give you extra information
As more and more couples who are planning to marry are using smartphones to search for their wedding services and suppliers, fewer people are noticing the extras on this blogsite.
     On a laptop or desktop screen, my Wedding Pages, my slideshow of gorgeous wedding photos and also my resource list, all appear on the right-hand side. I also have a Search box for tracking down information about locations, etc. On the small screen of your √≠Phone or Android, I hope you’ll find menu icons so that you can also access these extra resources.

These are my Wedding Pages:

Qin Qin and Chang Yong married in
the Heart Garden on the last day of last year.
We drank a toast to their marriage
and then one to the New Year.
     If you're planning to marry soon, or a while into the future, I'd love to hear from you. By law, the lodging of a Notice of Intended Marriage must be done with the celebrant or church of choice, at least one month before the day of the wedding. I can help you marry exactly one month from the time you're reading this!
     If you’d like to book me as your celebrant, please phone or text me on 0406 376 375 (any day between 9am and 9pm) to see I’m available. If you email me with a wedding booking. I’ll reply quickly. Or if you simply have queries, please feel free to contact me by phone, text or email. I’m a very experienced marriage celebrant and always happy to help. 
Here's to 2016. 
I wish you a wonderful year!