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28 September 2017

Change is coming soon (I hope)

Hello, and welcome.

Luisa and Alex married in the green room, overlooking
The Heart Garden on a sunny winter day.
11 August 2017
     I remember years ago, being celebrant for a couple – it was last millennium in fact. But they weren’t actually marrying each other.
Ashleigh and Manoj
married in early Spring
in The Heart Garden
16 September 2017
     They were divorced. Their separation was amicable. They still owned a business together, where they both worked. The wife had fallen in love with a woman who came to work for them. The husband had also found new love.
     Each ex-married partner asked me to be their celebrant when they each made a voluntary, exclusive, lifelong commitment to their new female partners.
     For him and his betrothed, it was traditional legal marriage, according to the Australian Marriage Act of 1961. For her and her partner, it was to be a Ceremony of Commitment.
Ness and Aaron
married at home in Yass,
overlooking the river.
16 August 2017
     At my meetings with the two women, we put together a ceremony that was sincere and deeply moving. Of course, it ended with a kiss. I enjoyed putting my artistic endeavour into creating a Certificate of Commitment to commemorate their most special event.
     Their wedding was a big happy success.
Jessica and Ian
married at The Rock Lawn
National Botanic Gardens
11 September 2017
          Likewise the traditional ceremony between the ex-husband and his new bride. It was held on a lovely day at Lennox Gardens, just near the lake. I remember that only one actual ring was given – from husband to wife. The groom, who worked in an industry where rings could be hazardous, chose to have a ring tatoo instead.
     Both of these weddings took place before civil unions became legal in the ACT. Since then I haven’t been celebrant for any same-sex couples. This is simply because I have plenty of work as a celebrant at traditional marriages. Because the authorisation process for Civil Union Celebrants is a complex one and rego must be paid each year (as it must for Civil Marriage Celebrants) I decided not to apply.
     I look forward to the time when once again, I can join same-sex couples as their celebrant, as they celebrate their love and commitment to each other in the presence of their families and friends. I look forward to being their marriage celebrant according to the revised Australian Marriage Act.
Kubra and Youssef married at the National Library of Australia
13 August 2017
Meelo, JM and Snippet
     Here’s a fun collage I put together to show my family. It features my husband’s little Cairn Terrier, Snippet. Snippet is usually in the house when there’s a wedding in the garden, but this time she was specifically invited to attend by Meelo and JM. They married in The Heart Garden on Sunday 10 September.
     It was Snippet herself who decided to take on the role of the bridesmaid. JM’s father had come from the Philippines for his son’s wedding. JM and his father walked through the garden together to JM’s bride Meelo. Totally spontaneously, Snippet walked in front, just like a regular bridesmaid.
     Then, when we were signing the certificates, Snippet chose to sit on the grass near the signing table. Thanks JM and Meelo for treating Snippet as your guest. She obviously felt quite at home and had a wonderful time.

If you would like me to be your celebrant ...
     If you would like me to be your celebrant, I'd be delighted. These days I specialise in simple wedding ceremonies. They're an alternative to Registry Office weddings, as we have no registry office weddings in the ACT. But then, a lot of couples are looking for a celebrant who will keep their wedding simple, but still make it feel very special. I'd love to help this happen for you both.
     I've created a ceremony that covers all legal requirements, and I've been through the Marriage Act to find all the options the Attorney-General allows. As well, I always invite you to add your own personal vows. Even though your ceremony will be one simple A4 page, it's still going to sound very personal and wonderful on the day.
It was a sparkling day on Monday 25 September in Commonwealth Park East
when Ben and Mel married, but soooooo windy!
     Your simple wedding can be any size, at any time, on any day (or evening) in any location of your choice. If you'd like to have a small wedding in my Heart Garden, the maximum number of guests is around ten. Heart Garden weddings are held on any day - weekday or weekend. The earliest is 10.30 in the morning. 4.30 in the afternoon is the latest. Allow at least 'a good hour' for your Heart Garden wedding, but of course, stay longer if you wish. You may like to linger for photos. If you bring a special drink to celebrate with, I'll supply the crystal champagne flutes. And feel free to bring music - I have the amplifier and cable to attach to your phone.
     Please contact me using this contact form. Or email me. Or phone or text me, any day between 9am and 9pm on 0406 376 375. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about getting married in Australia, whether you choose me as your celebrant or not. We can arrange a Skype chat if you wish.
     If you plan to marry as soon as possible, I can help you marry exactly one month from the day of our first contact. There's more information here.
You'd be so welcome to marry in my beautiful romantic Summer garden.
     Please note that I only have wedding meetings with couples who have booked me as their celebrant. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope we'll stay in touch.