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30 December 2017

Success on the Australian Marriage scene.

Hello and welcome
     On the historic day of Saturday December 9 2017, I was celebrant at two weddings in which, by law, I spoke the new wording, that marriage in Australia is 'between two people'. Up until then, the law required me to say 'between a man and a woman'. (Or I was permitted to say: 'between a woman and a man'.)      
     At the wedding in the morning, a few guests noticed when I said the new words for the first time. At the second wedding, later in the afternoon, there were loud cheers all-round and lots of appreciative clapping.
     In my last blogpost I mentioned my wish that marriage equality would soon become law in Australia. And it happened. And it happened very rapidly. And there's more to it than I realised. I'll tell you more in my next post ...

     Here's a photo from a private wedding in my beautiful romantic Heart Garden. I always ask couples if they'd like their photos to go online or not. Here I have permission to publish this lovely photo, but not identify the couple. They were actually eloping! I helped them in this exciting endeavour by finding two witnesses for them. Here are the hands of the newlyweds and a white magnolia from my garden.

    I wish you a truly wonderful new year, especially if it's the year of your marriage.
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     Till next time
Amanda and Scott shared a wonderfully happy occasion
with their family and friends in late spring in the Heart Garden

Suwanna and Paul, leaving the Heart Garden as blissfully happy newlyweds.