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Twelve Reasons for Choosing Michele as Your Celebrant

Updated July 2017

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Your day is my focus
That's my promise
It's my pleasure

‘Your day is my focus’? What does this really mean?
Michele the Celebrant at a happy wedding on a beautiful
day at the Commonwealth Club Canberra
October 2023

          It means that from the moment I wake up on your wedding day, my thoughts are on your wedding and helping you make it wonderful. Actually, well before the big day I am already working towards your most successful and memorable day, especially if you plan to marry in my big romantic Heart Garden.

Experienced... friendly... flexible...efficient

Choosing Michele as your celebrant - 

12 good reasons, plus something else

I'll start here with the 'something else' since it's a reason you may decide not to contact me. Here's the reason: I only have meetings with couples who have already decided to book me for their wedding. 
       If you're not familiar with my work, you'll find lots of information in this blog about me and the service I provide as a celebrant. There are several images of me in my celebrant role, where of course I'm looking very happy because my role is such a privilege and it's all to do with love. 
        I welcome you to email me or phone me with any questions you may have. If you wish, we can arrange a Zoom call together to talk about your wedding and the service I can provide for you both.
        I understand that your choice of wedding celebrant is a really important one. I believe that it's critical to the success of your wedding. I've posted two videos on You Tube so you can see what I look like ‘live’, hear how I sound and get a feel for whether I'm the right celebrant for you or not.  
        If you plan to only choose a celebrant whom you've interviewed in person, I'm sorry we won't be getting together to work towards your special day. Thank you for visiting 'Michele the Celebrant' and I hope you've found the general information helpful with your planning. I wish you a wonderful successful wedding.

If however, you're interested in knowing more, please read on
Why would you choose me as your celebrant? 

Here are twelve reasons

 1      I am enthusiastic. I totally love the work I do. My role and purpose are to serve you. I consider it a great privilege to be with you at this most significant time in the life you share together. I will put my heart into your wedding (but I promise I won’t go OTT!)
 On the left is a photo of me beside a bride who is totally in love with her new husband. Can you see how much I love being around a vibe like this?

 2         I am very experienced. I know what I'm doing – I really know what I'm doing! 
         I’ve been celebrant for well over 1400 weddings. This has given me heaps of experience in many different settings, like a balloon, boats large and small, large islands like Springbank in Lake Burley Griffin, and of course Aspen Island with the National Carillon. Plus an island in the Macquarie River that so small, only five of us could fit! We crossed to the island on a narrow plank and the guests sat on the bank across the water!
          I even officiated once at a ceremony inside a local Catholic chapel, with the blessing of the priest in charge. I've taken part in many other different circumstances, like when a couple had their wedding, simply sitting in their family room with a couple of friends. 
          I've taken part in a wedding ceremony within a grand choral concert in a small valley in the Brindabellas. I've been at a wedding in a bush chapel on a hill high above Wells Station and a sunset wedding on Tharwa bridge when it was closed to traffic. There have been many other memorable settings. 
          I once married twin sister brides in a dual ceremony in Glebe Park! And, in answer to a question I often get when couples are signing their Notice of Intended Marriage - yes, I have had a wedding where the bride and groom were related to each other. They were first cousins. The bride chose to have a married name but it was the same one she had before the wedding!
I’ve officiated at Buddhist weddings, a Quaker wedding, themed weddings (including a mediaeval wedding in the Senate Chamber of Old Parliament House) and a wedding for a minor where we needed permission from the court. 
I've shared two most enjoyable weddings, complete with prayers, with ex-priest Paul Collins. 
If you are overseas (one or both of you) and you plan to marry in Australia, you can be confident that I can help you every step along the way. 

            In September 2013, a couple flew from Italy to marry in my Heart Garden, then after a few days' touristing, flew back home again. My garden and I felt very honoured. Then in the spring of 2015, a couple flew from Shanghai to marry in my garden and flew back to China the next day!

            If you are interstate and you plan to marry in Canberra, I can make the process as easy for you as possible. We can do so much by email, including the lodgement of your Notice so that your one-month waiting time starts straightaway. (We don't need to have a meeting first.)
Here I am with Cate and Terry
at their home in Burra NSW on 20 April 2013.
This was my one thousandth wedding.

 I’ve learned to greet guests in Mandarin, Thai, Japanese, Finnish, Serbian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Shona, French, and Bahasa Indonesia. I’ve even read a poem in Latin during a beautiful private ceremony. I just had to hope that the pronunciations I came up with from my high school Latin were OK. I love the variety in this amazing job!

 3         I won’t overbook and I'll never say 'the bride is late'
          Your wedding day needs to be as stress-free as possible. You want to know that your celebrant won’t be delayed at someone else’s wedding and turn up late for yours. If I have another wedding on a particular day, the bookings will be spaced with a very generous time cushion in between. I’ll always have my mobile with me to answer calls or messages.
          Preparing to be a bride can take longer than anticipated. No bride intentionally arrives late.
          To my own way of thinking though, brides are never late. I personally believe that on her own day, the bride arrives in perfect 'bride time'.  I also believe that that 'bride time' is not of man's world. I will always welcome the bride joyfully and lovingly.

 4        I’ll be thereIn my thirty years as Michele the Celebrant, I have never been ill or had to change a wedding arrangement. 
           If my perfect record had to change for any reason, I could easily recommend an excellent replacement. As well as knowing celebrants who have been authorised for as long as I have - almost! I've met many of my new celebrant colleagues at annual Ongoing Professional Development sessions. 
           Rest assured that if the need arises, changing your celebrant is a very simple process, even at the last minute.

 5      I’ll make your marriage totally legal
          You can be confident that I'll carry out the requirements of the Australian Marriage Act to the letter. I think I may be one of the few civil celebrants who has actually read the entire Marriage Act, cover to cover.
With me as your celebrant, you can be sure that I will solemnise your marriage correctly, strictly according to law. 
I offer you every option in the wording for your simple ceremony that the Attorney-General allows. You will have the choice for instance, between 'solemnise' and 'legalise'. 
You don't have to have the formal legalistic 'I call upon the persons here present' that you usually hear at weddings of friends and family. You can have the simple friendly option: 'I ask everyone here'. I'll advise you of all your options. And feel free to add your personal vows.

 6     I'm flexible with the way that your ceremony's conducted
       Over the years, there were variations in the weddings I conducted, such as the traditional Sri Lankan Poruwa. As I now specialise in simple weddings because I'm building up my writing career, these complex options are - sadly - no longer available. You'd still be welcome to shatter the glass though if you're a Jewish groom. 
        I especially welcome the addition of 'Welcome to Country' before
Cat and Gav at the signing table
Gav and Cat began their wedding
with a Welcome to Country.
Queanbeyan Kangaroo Club
30 April 2017
the ceremony begins.
        Being a celebrant is not a part-time role for me. I can be available for a wedding at any time, day or evening, weekday or weekend. If the time to start needs to be auspicious according to your culture, I will fit in with your choice.
        I had a wedding a while ago where the prospective bride and groom were in a remote part of South America. They needed to find a notary to sign their Notice of Intended Marriage and get it to me one month and one day before their wedding date. (That was the law at the time.)
       By the time they’d got to a capital city and found a notary, and emailed the Notice to me, the month and a day took them to the day after they'd planned. It was the day that the groom’s parents were leaving Australia to fly back to England. 
      Our solution? Hold the wedding at one minute past midnight. And it was so lovely! We had candles, and fairy lights in the trees. There was even a full moon to add to the glow, and since it was just after Christmas, the evening air was warm. The groom's parents flew to England later that morning.    
     I’ve also had weddings at dawn, like one on Mount Ainslie at sunrise, one on Mount Taylor at the same time, and one by the lake that was rather chilly for the feet.
     Sometimes the party’s already started when the wedding takes place and I'm easy with that too. I’ve officiated at quite a few weddings like this. These 'party' weddings have a different feel to traditional weddings which begin with the entrance of the bridal party to the chosen venue. When all the guests are in party mode already, there are often lots of laughs! 

 7       I present myself well, and my voice is clear and strong.              
         Sometimes I hear horror stories about celebrants who wore inappropriate clothing to a wedding, like loud colours that stand out. Or people say the celebrant looked fine but her/his voice wasn't pleasant to listen to, or it wasn't clear and strong. 
        I take great care with my appearance. I usually wear suits and my jewellery is discreet. If you're planning a definite colour scheme, I'll ask you for details so I can blend in unobtrusively with my clothing choice.  
        Sometimes when I know the couple well, I'm invited as a guest. This gives me the chance to wear something that’s less businesslike. (By the way, you are never expected to invite your celebrant to your reception.)
You may have been to a wedding where you couldn’t hear what the celebrant was saying. With me as your celebrant, there is no risk of this. I have a small portable, battery-driven state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line PA system with cordless microphone. The sound quality is excellent, and I'll do a sound-check before we start the ceremony. 
If you wish, one of your guests can plug a phone (Apple or Android) into my amplifier to play music for the bride's entrance. I also have an extra microphone to use if we need an interpreter. 
 Sometimes the bride and groom like to hold the microphone for their personal vows. At other times, I will say to guests something like:‘Simon and Tasha will now share vows they have chosen just for each other’. In this instance, guests understand they may not hear all that's being said at that intimate part of the ceremony.
My diction is clear and my voice is well-modulated. I’ve had two years of voice training - we used to call it Elocution - and I've done several voice training workshops. 
I used to have a short segment every week on Radio 2CC to commentate on current stories in the news as 'Our Favourite Psychologist'. Occasionally I ran long sessions on community radio 2XX and sometimes I was interviewed on the ABC. I’ve sold a couple of thousand relaxation tapes, featuring my gentle and relaxing Australian voice. The audio is now available for free to help you calm any pre-wedding nerves. Visit this Wedding Page.

 8    I am upfront about my fee.  It's $700
The fee I quote you covers everything. There are no hidden costs.
For a 'Beautifully simple, simply beautiful' wedding, either in my Heart Garden or in another location you've chosen, you pay the full fee of $700 at the one meeting we have together. This meeting takes about an hour - a bit longer if we need to walk around the garden first. It's a comprehensive meeting that will completely prepare you both for getting married. If there's a change to your wedding plan, a refund of $350 may apply.
The meeting to lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage must be held at least one month before your wedding (unless you have already emailed your signed and witnessed Notice to me earlier).
There's more information about my fee here.
At our meeting, you choose your ceremony wording and we have a virtual rehearsal together. It covers every little thing so that when it comes to the wedding, you’ll be totally confident about exactly what's going to happen, and when. 
At your wedding, along with your two witnesses and myself, you'll sign three certificates. I'll send one to the Registrar for the registration of your marriage and I'll keep one in my register. Your witnesses must be 18 or over. If they're related to you, that's no problem.
            You'll receive a Personal Certificate printed in your choice of font, along with your ceremony on high quality parchment, printed in the same font. I place both these documents in a clear wallet for you to take with you when your wedding's over. 
After your wedding, I send your papers to the Registrar for registration. These are your Notice of Intended Marriage and one marriage certificate. You will then need to buy an Official Certificate from the Registrar. I'll give you an info sheet about this at our meeting.
When you book with me, I will tell you exactly what the cost is. At our meeting, I’ll provide you with a signed agreement. If you choose to marry in my Heart Garden, there’s no extra fee for this. You'll all be my guests.

*  I will only quote extra for travel when I need to go beyond ‘city limits’ – past Watson, Lanyon, Hall or Queanbeyan. I calculate the extra for my return journey beyond these limits at $1 per kilometre (or less per km for long distances) and you'll see this extra amount in our agreement.

 9        I’m readily available, any day of the week, with plenty of advice and expertise to share. 
         Because I'm self-employed, I'm available for weddings during weekends or week days. I'm available day or night. 
          Of course I will travel to any other location for your wedding, whatever size. It's usually in the ACT or nearby NSW but I'm willing to travel further.
My timing is flexible. Please feel free to phone me any day between 9am and 9pm to chat about your wedding, or ask me any general questions about getting married. Text anytime.
I'm also a writer on personal wellbeing. I'm usually at my computer during the day (if I haven’t been lured into the garden because the sun is shining and the garden is calling me). I'm often at my computer after dinner as well, so if you email me, expect a swift reply.
At our meeting, I’ll provide you with a simple set ceremony and we'll adapt it with your details. You can make choices from approved options within the ceremony.
Choose your own ending, like the traditional ‘I now declare you husband and wife’ or the less formal ending I've created: ‘It's time now for your first kiss as ... husband and wife’ or the simple ending that suits all marrying couples: 'Congratulations. You are married!'.
            During the Simple ceremony, there's an option to read vows to each other that you've brought with you to your wedding - perhaps on small cards, perhaps on special scrolls, or phone or iPad.

 10       You’ll know exactly what to expect on the day
              In the one hour we spend together, I'll give you details about exactly what will happen at your wedding, from the arrival of the bride (or both of you together) to the signing of the three certificates and a presentation of the newlyweds. If you marry in my garden, you may choose to have a celebration drink with crystal champagne flutes. Please BYO bubbly (and children's drinks).
          I’ll make sure that you are both very well-informed about proceedings. I can’t prepare you for the unique emotional atmosphere of your wedding ceremony. What I can do however, when we are standing together about to start your ceremony, is wait for each of you to feel that you are totally present. Many years ago, I missed the beautiful much-anticipated ‘Dearly beloved, we are gathered here’ at the beginning of my own wedding, because I was overwhelmed and unready. 
          I don't want you to miss a moment of your wedding. I’ll start when you each give me the nod. Because your ceremony is short and simple, there's only one A4 page for me to read!
          I will speak clearly and slowly during your ceremony so everyone can take in the wording, including both of you. It's likely however, that you’ll think it all goes way too fast! You may remember your wedding as one magnificent blur!

 11         I won't come between you - I won’t appear in the middle of your wedding photos. I don't feel comfortable standing between bride and groom in what I consider to be their own special space. If you'd like your celebrant to stand in the traditional place between you, then please book another celebrant.
                I prefer to stand slightly off to the side. From here I can have face-to-face contact with all the guests, as well as the marrying couple. It also means that the bride and groom are at the centre of everything, not the celebrant.
Jordan shares her personal vow
with Karlo - May 2014
in their own intimate space
 This will also give you an intimate, even ‘sacred', space of your own. Sometimes I even feel a need to step aside a little further when vows are being shared, as the emotions are so powerful and personal.
When you see your wedding photos, you won’t see me in shot at those very special moments, like when you're exchanging rings or when you're enjoying your first kiss as husband and wife. I actually think you’ll be glad of that.

 12       I can help you with other choices for your wedding. I am familiar with hundreds of wedding venues in ACT and nearby NSW, from a little quiet bush setting to a grand amphitheatre setting, or even to a grand amphitheatre in a bush setting.
To give you a perfect setting for your ceremony, I know what’s flowering and when. I know places that will impress your guests, especially those from interstate and overseas. I know of unusual places, like a magical place in a wild wood near the lake, with large spotted toadstools like in fairytales. I know a forest with mighty redwoods that's especially perfect for mediaeval nuptials.
I can recommend reception places for their specific atmosphere and style of food. I know some photographers I like to work with (though I'm not familiar with their product). I can, perhaps, recommend musicians. I'm happy to help you with ideas about other wedding services. Please note that, while I certainly have my personal favourites, I have no commercial arrangements with any wedding service providers.

In conclusion

Six civil celebrants have chosen me to be their celebrant at their own weddings. I think this is a great testimonial. When you think about the number of celebrants getting married, it's statistically a very small population. Six in such a small population is surely a highly significant number.
I've become ‘our celebrant’ to several families and groups of friends and that’s just lovely. Sometimes I get to meet the babies and see them grow. Sometimes I've been celebrant for a son or daughter of a couple I have married.
That’s about all I can think of at the moment. 
Please let me know if there are any questions you have about the services I provide as celebrant. Email me, or phone 0406 376 375 any day between 9am and 9pm. Text anytime.
My role is to make you feel confident about your choice of wedding celebrant, and to help you stay relaxed and full of joyful anticipation. Your wedding is a unique and wonderful event. It must be just the way you both want it.
I am an equal opportunity celebrant, comfortable with marrying all couples.
To me you are always valued clients and I am your service provider. I am here to meet your needs. I will give you advice and suggestions but make no demands. I will conduct your wedding with a quiet air of authority. You will feature, centre-stage. It's your day.
I will provide you with efficient, professional, yet friendly service. I am totally committed to making your wedding fully legal, a great pleasure to take part in, and a most memorable success. 
            Your wedding ceremony will be a great lead-in to your celebrations, as well as an unforgettable beginning to your married life together.
            Thank you for visiting this page. I hope we'll make contact again. My heart-felt congratulations and very best wishes to you both.


(updated Nov 23)
With Grace and Brandon at The Abbey Dec 2022

Your day is my focus
That's my promise
It's my pleasure

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