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08 September 2009

No Registry Office weddings in Canberra ACT

30 August 2017

Hello, and welcome
Kubra and Youssef
married at the
National Library of Australia
in a beautifully simple ceremony
in August 2107

If my kind friends the googlebots have brought you straight to this page, which I loaded in September 2009, here's a link to the latest information about the Simple (yet still) Special Service I offer you. 

Your beautifully simple and simply beautiful wedding can be held in the intimate venue of my beautiful Heart Garden in Weston on any day, or in any other location on any day at any time, day or night.

The driveway (see below) still looks glorious in early September and it's now paved with concrete.

My all-inclusive fee is $600. There's no added cost for the use of my large, peaceful, romantic garden for your wedding. 

Luisa and Alex married in the cosy green room on a sunny
August afternoon 2017. We had the ceremony inside, then
rugged up for drinks and photos in the garden. 

Heart Garden weddings are held Mon-Fri beginning from 10.30am to 4.30pm. Maximum number of guests: around 8. (Maybe up to a dozen) If you'd like to bring a special drink for celebrating afterwards, I'll put out the crystal champagne flutes. And if you'd like the bride to walk in to special music, bring the track on your phone (except iPhone 8) and use my amplifier (and cable).

For the same fee of $600 all-inclusive, I also offer the Simple (yet still) Special Service at any other location, on any day, at any time, with any number of guests. If you wish to marry out of town, there'll be an extra fee for travel.
Vincci and Russell,
celebrating as newlyweds
in the Heart Garden
April 2017

I'll take my amplifier, cable for music and cordless microphone to your wedding venue. (Please supply a small table and chair.)

Here's a link to my Email Contact Form if you'd like to get in touch with me about being your celebrant. I'd be delighted to be there for you both on your most special day. 

Or phone or text me on 0406 376 375, any day between 9am and 9pm.

And here's a link to my homepage with the latest blogpost.
Thank you for your visit. I hope we'll stay in touch. :)

Hello, and welcome
8 September 2009

Many years ago, when the office of the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages was in Civic – it’s now in Fyshwick – there was a small, very pleasant wedding room where couples could get married. It’s a common assumption that the Registrar’s office still offers this service, however, people who plan to marry in the ACT must find a private civil marriage celebrant (or a religious celebrant) to officiate for them. Here's a link to the Attorney-General's list of registered celebrants.

When the Registrar’s room closed, I decided to make my beautiful quiet, private garden in Weston available to couples who would have chosen a registry office wedding.

Our garden has always been serene and inviting. I recall that my dear friend Joan told me she always visited my garden in her mind when she sat down to meditate. Over the years, many students have come here, especially to see its unusual plants. 

When my husband and I first moved to Weston in 1972, our block was bare scraped clay. Now it’s a romantic quarter-acre garden, ever changing and delighting. In 2005 our Heart Garden was part of the Australian Open Garden scheme and was enjoyed by several hundred visitors.

Couples who plan to marry during traditional business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 to 5) are so welcome to have their ceremony in the Heart Garden. There is no extra charge for this. There can be up to about a dozen guests. (The smaller the wedding, the more intimate.)

Here's my email contact form for all enquiries. Or phone  or text me on 0406 376 375, any day between 9am and 9pm.

When there’s a wedding coming up, I weed and feed, mow and blow. I spruce up the garden to the max for hosting these very special occasions. I supply crystal champagne glasses for everyone for the toasts and guests are most welcome to wander around and enjoy. 

There’s actually a wedding in the Heart Garden tomorrow so I must away and continue my preparations. The couple want 09-09-09 to always be a very special date for them.

We got wonderful rain in Canberra yesterday so I'm a bit behind schedule. This wedding will be very small and very private. Just bride, groom, two witnesses and celebrant, so I won’t be posting photos on my blog. I can show you though what the entrance to the Heart Garden will look like when the bridal party arrives. 

This is how our driveway always looks in early September. How beautiful is that?!

Looking up the driveway to Meldrum Street,
 the first week of Spring 2009

Till next post

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Oh, what are beautiful Purple-leaf flowering plums(Prunus cerasifera)!!
Blossoming time is a first week of September in Canberra.
Thank you.