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01 June 2010

Extraordinary wedding cars!

How’s this one for amazing?! 
     It’s a Lamborghini MurciĆ©lago that belongs to my son’s friend. This fabulous car brought the groom to his wedding at St John’s church in Canberra a few weeks ago. Great for the groom but impossible for the bride! The bride arrived in a BMW 750iL, also pretty special.
     As I usually do, I've put more photos for this blog in the slideshow on the right.
     (My son Rob had arrived in my fine trusty Honda, driven by me, his happy Mum who doesn’t get to see him very often because he lives in Coffs Harbour.)
     I was celebrant for Jacqui and Luke when they got married at Easter at Goolabri Country Resort in Sutton NSW, off the Federal Highway. As you can see, it was a very happy event. Plus, I got to meet again, another very happy couple in Luke's extended family I'd officiated for several years ago.
     This was the unique transport provided by the resort for the bride’s arrival. 
     After the wedding, the wedding party cruised around with ease, getting lots of photos from many picturesque spots around the enormous grounds.
And here’s a favourite 'wedding car' of mine from wayback:
Julie and Darryl got married at Coachhouse Marina Resort on Dec 1st, 2007.
Julie arrived in her Dad’s Kenworth, definitely adding a WOW factor. 
     I’d travelled a long way to their wedding, and Darryl and Julie kindly invited me to be their guest.
     Rain moved the event inside but didn’t dampen the enjoyment. The wedding was a joy and the reception was relaxed and friendly, right from the start. I had heaps of fun - talking, laughing, dancing....... The food was good too. 
     I recommend Coachhouse Marina Resort in Batemans Bay as a great place for a wedding and reception. All your guests can stay the night so no-one needs to be the ‘designated driver’ who can’t have a few drinks in celebration.
     Would love to hear about other unusual modes of transport to the wedding venue. You’re most welcome to add comments and photos (if possible) below.

Today's Q and A

Q: We don't live in Australia, and we're not Australian but we'd like to get married on our holiday in Australia. Can we?

A:  Yes.
     Any couple from anywhere in the world can get married in Australia, as long as they can meet the following conditions: 
They must not be married already. 
They must be of marriageable age (one or both to be 18 or over). 
They must not be closely related. 
They must lodge their Intention to Marry form with a registered Australian celebrant at least one month and one day before the wedding. 
     One party to the marriage can lodge the form to start the process, but both must sign the form and all other wedding documents (being a Declaration and 3 Certificates of marriage). 
     The couple must provide the celebrant with the required proof of ID before the wedding can take place. The wedding can take place on any day at any time anywhere in Australia. I think the definition of ‘Australia’ includes up to 9 kilometres off the coast (perhaps on a ship) but I haven’t been able to verify this yet. 
     If you’d like to email me about your wedding plans, please click here, or phone me any day between 9am and 9pm. I would be delighted to be your celebrant. I also welcome your questions and comments about this blog. 
    Till next time



Emily said...

Hi, i was just wondering if the owner of the gorgeous lamborghini does formals?
It would be a great help if you could get back to me.

my email is

Thanks heaps,

Michele said...

Hello Emily
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
The owner of the Lambo keeps his car under wraps and it only goes out in public (as far as I know) for friends.
Sorry I can’t help
Have fun at your formal

Limo Hire Melbourne said...

It is an extra ordinary car.