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09 July 2010

My first video blog! Beautiful quiet private Canberra Registry Office alternative.

Hello, and welcome
     I'm delighted to be launching my first blog video. It's a 3½ minute mix of a few winter photos of the Heart Garden (with feathered friends who often fly in at this time of year) and two short chats to camera. I added a title and credits so it can also go on YouTube.
     There are no registry office weddings in Canberra. This is another reason for showing you the Heart Garden and my meeting room where small weddings are held during the week. There's no extra charge for this.
     Our main blossom tree at this particular time of year is a winter-flowering apricot - prunus mume 'The Geisha'. She flowers from early June till August, cheering the wintry yard with colour and perfume, and looking spectacular when floodlit at night. The grey lovebirds are crested pigeons and the red and green birds are king parrots. Sometimes a dozen or so visit at the same time.
     I was inspired to do this video by my recent acquisition of a beautiful lolly-pink Sony Vaio with remarkable capabilities, most of which I'm still learning. It was so easy to use the webcam. Didn't edit what I said so please ignore mistakes. Had worked out by the end of clip 2 where the camera eye is! Haven't worked out yet how to avoid distortion of the face when recording. 
     I'm sure my next video post will be easier and won't take me so long to put out into cyberspace. 

(Thursday 8th: Clicked the video upload icon about 10am this morning after having no success last night. Waited all day today for the video to upload via Blogger. Saw on the net that lots of people have had this problem. It's now 10.10pm and I've chosen to add my own player from YouTube instead. I'm confident this is going to work.) 

     Hope you like this video post, and I hope that if you are personally doing celebrant research at this time, you'll find it helpful and appealing. Many people are surprised to find that you can't have a small simple registry office wedding in the ACT. When that's exactly what they're looking for, my garden gives them a very suitable and beautiful free venue.
    If you'd like to see more images, click 'The Heart Garden Weston ACT' in Topics to the right of this post. 
    Please feel free to phone on 02 6161 0718, mob 0406 376 375 with any wedding questions you may have. (Don't always have my mobile with me, sorry, but I work beside my landline phone and if I'm not there, you can always leave a message, thanks.) Or email me - especially late at night, since I'm a nightowl.

Till next time