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Simple easy service with one of Canberra's most experienced celebrants. (I have married over 1400 couples.) Your beautiful, memorable and personalised alternative to a Registry Office wedding. Only one one-hour meeting required and the next time we meet, it's your wedding day!

05 December 2023

Let's make contact! Open this post for lots of information.

 You're getting married . . .

How wonderful!

Will I be the celebrant who’ll have the privilege and pleasure of officiating at your wedding?

I'd love that!

My congratulations to you both. Please phone me between 9 and 9 on any day, or text anytime. Or use my Contact form that’s on this blog. I specialise in simple weddings and you’ll find lots more information here. I also have a Google Business Page.

I only have in-person meetings with couples who have booked me as their celebrant, but we can have a chat together on Zoom, if you are still making your celebrant choice.

At our one-hour meeting together, you would personalise the ceremony I’ve put together, with every option the Attorney-General will allow. There are other choices you can make as well. I’ll then prepare your ceremony for your wedding and it will probably fit on one A4 page! I’ll print it on parchment paper in the font of your choice – to match the font you choose for your certificate.

Of course, feel free to bring your personal vows for each other to your wedding, and you’ll share those vows with one another, before your vows of marriage.

Many of the weddings I attend as celebrant are small and private, especially weddings in my Heart Garden, so I don’t put any images online. I enjoy taking Just Married photos and you’ll find them on Instagram. I also post on Facebook with new photos and videos. My most recent photos are on my Facebook  In these YouTube videos (which are rather out of date) you can see how I look and hear how I sound, and I believe that my personal style comes across in my blog posts.

I’ve recorded a relaxation audio, so you may like to listen to that on YouTube to hear how I sound.

You may also access month-by-month image boards on my Heart Garden Pinterest page.

I’m a very experienced celebrant. I've officiated at over 1400 weddings in my 30-year celebrant career. Click on '12 Good Reasons' and you'll see more details about me and what I offer you.

I've streamlined all we need to do together into a one-hour meeting (and a bit longer if you're to marry in my Heart Garden, because we'll have a look around). 

If you wish to marry ASAP, you'll still need to wait the statutory one month from the date of lodgment. I can help you lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage with me on the day you contact me – you can lodge by email or MMS anytime up to midnight. You can then marry in one month's time.

I offer you what I call a beautifully simple, simply beautiful service on any day, at any time, in any location, with any number of guests. My fee includes travel in the local area of Canberra and Queanbeyan. I'm happy to travel further for your wedding and there's an extra fee for this,

There's more information here. If you'd like to marry in my lovely romantic Heart Garden, it would be an intimate wedding with a small number of guests. Up to a dozen adult guests + the two of you. All children welcome. A Heart Garden wedding usually takes about an hour and a half. This allows time for a short celebration. If you choose to bring a special sparkling drink, I'll put out the crystal flutes. But the wedding can be shorter and simpler than this.

The Heart Garden has its own site. It’s out-of-date but I keep it online because it’s got some lovely photos of the garden, and newlyweds.

Thank you so much for visiting Michele the Celebrant. I look forward to more contact with you about your happy plan, and my congratulations once again!


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