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29 October 2010

'It's a fairy garden!'

Robert signs while his bride
Natasia looks on

Hello, and welcome.
     Three year old Sarah came with her parents Robert and Natasia on Monday for their wedding in the Heart Garden. As soon as she came through the rustic wooden gate, Sarah exclaimed with delight: ‘It’s a fairy garden!’
Before the wedding began, I got great pleasure from showing Sarah the glass fairy house, the three bears near the children’s table and wooden stump (see below) which my husband fashioned with his chainsaw many years ago into a chair for a small child. 
Table and chairs on the right
Three bears just out of sight (sorry)
     I showed Sarah the big jack rabbit, and the fairy Arielle who watches over the garden from her secluded spot amongst the fading bluebells, and the little praying angel nestled under a large pink rhododendron. And there was the hand-potted bird house in the amelanchier tree, and Merrick, the peaceful face in the elm (who actually appears briefly in this video I recorded in the winter).
     Liliane, the graceful maiden features in many photos you’ll see on line of the Heart Garden. You’ll rarely see photos of Delphine who’s in a less exposed position.
and the yellow rock rhodo
     The garden is enchanting at this time as we come into the last month of Spring. Spring rains have been of great benefit and cold weather has elongated the spring display. The heritage wisteria has been stunning. 
     At last I have learned how to prune the wisteria properly! Six years ago my son and his bride married at exactly this time of year under this majestic climber. I had botched the pruning. Not one flower in sight! A quick dash to our local balloon shop on the morning of the wedding provided mauve and white helium balloons to simulate wisteria blooms. The delicate pastel balloons had their own charm.
     My other son (who married two weeks ago) is now responsible for the annual pruning of the grand wisterias that festoon mighty wooden Chinese frames throughout the Prime Minister’s courtyard at Parliament House, here in Canberra. His skill is sensational, and I'm glad to say that he has taught his Mum how to get it right.
     There’s another small wedding in my garden tomorrow (Thursday 28), this time for a couple who have chosen to keep images from their wedding private. I must away to finish the pruning and trimming I started this morning to shape the burst of new growth on so many shrubs in this beautiful place I am so blessed to co-own.
     We have no registry office weddings in the Australian Capital Territory. If you are wanting a small weekday wedding, you are most welcome to marry in my garden at no extra charge. There’s either the Simple (but still Special) Service I provide, or my full service which allows you a lot more options, like more wording choices, the opportunity to invite more guests, and the option to linger longer to take photos. If you’d like to bring champagne, I’ll provide the crystal glasses.

     Please phone me any day between 9am and 9pm to discuss your wedding plan, or email me by clicking here. There’s also a contact form in Wedding Pages (top right) you may wish to use. 
     When the Heart Garden was in the Australian Open Garden Scheme several years ago, I explained my personal philosophy: The house is the place in the garden where the people live. I would be delighted to share with you on your wedding day, the magic piece of floral paradise in which my home is situated. Lucky me!

     Till next time

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