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30 June 2011

Your short and simple wedding can be beautiful as well

Hello, and welcome
Petals of winter-flowering apricot form a soft pink carpet on the lawn
     Here we are in mid-winter and the weather is definitely chilly. Much of the romantic Heart Garden is in hibernation but whenever there’s a wedding, it’s still easy for me to add some loveliness with flowers.
     A couple of weeks ago, for the wedding of Steph and Geoff, there was a stunning blue pot of white and pink camellia, plus lots of pots of violas that I’ve enjoyed colour co-ordinating. Our big winter-flowering apricot (prunus mume ‘The Geisha’) has come into full bloom, right on cue. The green room (my meeting room) is a cosy option on a chilly day. The bride and groom can stand in the bay window, with the garden around and behind them.
     Here are some photos from the wedding of Geoff and Steph whose happiness was contagious. Steph arrived unmarried and rather nervous. 

Very soon after, in this lovely magical place, she became a wife, beaming with delight. Geoff totally enjoyed the wedding as well. (More photos in the slideshow to the right of this post.)

At the small private wedding here the week before, a huge pot of sasanqua camellia and late-flowering fuchsia added a special splash of colour that complemented the bright colours in the bouquet of the very beautiful bride. (Wish I could show you more photos but the wedding was small and private, close family only.) 
     To celebrate, the bride prepared a treat for us all - champagne with preserved hibiscus flowers, adding an exotic sweetness and exquisite colour.

     There'll be two weddings in the Heart Garden next week. Blossoms and polyanthus flowers will still be brightening the winter scene. It’s good that the days are already noticeably longer and the shadow over the garden of our north-facing house on winter days is getting smaller.

Signing the register in the bay window of the green room
     I have just updated my notes about the Simple (but stillSpecial) Service I provide in my garden on weekdays. I have added more features, like the opportunity to linger in the garden, have a glass of champagne in a crystal glass and take photos, rather than leave straight after the ceremony. (Of course you may still do this if you wish.). I put many hours into preparing for weddings here and I love it when visitors want to stay a while, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and taking lots of photos. 
     The maximum number of guests is around six, including the witnesses.
     Occasionally a bride just falls in love with the Heart Garden and I agree to having a larger wedding here. These larger weddings would be held in Spring, Summer or Autumn. My Simple Small Service is available on weekdays between 9 and 5 all year round and the garden is endlessly welcoming.
      If you would like me to be celebrant at your wedding, in my garden, or in any other location in Australia I'd be delighted to do so. Please feel free to phone me any day between 9am and 9pm on 02 6161 0718, or on my mobile 0406 376 375. Or email me. Click here, or fill in this email contact form.
     If you'd like to know more about the full service I provide, I will post you a package of information, along with a Notice of Intended Marriage (and no obligation to lodge it with me). 
     Please note that there are Pages of extra information, top right of this blog, including a page with twelve good reasons that I may be just the celebrant you've been looking for for your very special day.

Till next time