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31 October 2011

Discovering da Nunzio's at Yerrabi Pond Gungahlin

Hello, and welcome
     This beautiful capital city of ours is just full of wonderful surprises! Last Friday, October 28, I discovered Yerrabi Pond District Park in Gungahlin, and I certainly intend to go back.
Just married!
Katya and Stan sign the certificates
     Katya and Stan were married in my Heart Garden and they invited me to join them for dinner. I have known Stan for many years. Please note here that there is no expectation when you book a civil marriage that you invite your celebrant to your reception.
    We all went to da Nunzio CaffĂ© Bar Restorante, across the road from Yerrabi Pond. What a great venue! The view is superb. I met Nunzio and he told me that the restaurant, with inside and outside dining, can cater for a wedding of up to 150. Their modern Italian style food is excellent. The friendly staff welcomed us and attended to our every need. I liked da Nunzio’s so much I'll go there for lunch on Saturday November 12, after I attend the wedding of Julie and Dale at their home in Giralang.

Would you like to marry in the Heart Garden?
     If you love cool shady paths through beautiful places, as I do, would you like to marry here in Spring or Summer? 
     I've taken lots of mid-Spring photos recently of the Heart Garden and posted them in an album October in the Heart Garden on my blog Come to my heart garden. You'd be so welcome to have your small weekday wedding here. Click here for information about my Small Simple (but still) Special Service. Occasionally couples fall in love with this lovely venue and have a larger wedding here. On these rare and special occasions, my full service applies.

Shades of Monet's garden in Giverny, France
(which I thoroughly enjoyed visiting)

FYI - Q and A 
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Q: Who pays for the drinks at a wedding reception?
A: In the old tradition, as little as one generation ago, the groom’s family paid for the drinks. In those days, the father of the bride usually financed the wedding feast. This meant that the bride’s parents were the hosts and they had quite a lot of say about who had to be on the guest list. All this has changed. These days, many couples--if not most--finance their own wedding and reception. They choose the guest list and it’s not uncommon for wedding guests to be mostly friends and closest family only.
     So, who pays for the drinks nowadays?  Usually the marrying couple. The bar is ‘open’ for a specified amount of time and usually there’s a limit preset on the total drinks bill. The couple pays for beer, wines, still and bubbly, as well as soft drinks, mocktails and juices. Guests who wish to drink spirits usually pay for their own.

If you would like me to be your celebrant, please phone me any day between 9am and 9pm on 02 6161 0718, or on my mobile 0406 376 375. Or email me. I'm often at my desk and i will respond quite quickly. 
     It would be my privilege to be there for you both at such a significant and memorable occasion in your life together.

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