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30 November 2011

A sprinkling of sweet gentle rose petals instead of confetti or bubbles

Hello, and welcome
Early November sees the first flush of roses in Canberra, and what better place to enjoy the glory than our national heritage Rose Gardens at Old Parliament House. The House of Reps garden is my personal favourite.
     On 11-11-11, Paige and Justin married in the garden. It was a perfect morning and a very happy occasion. Their photographer, Pamela Heggaton of Brilliantl Family Photography sent me some lovely, romantic photos. As I usually do, when I put photos in a blog post, I like to put others in the slideshow to the right. You'll see more from Pam there and also on this dedicated page on her website.
     I've also included in the slideshow, lots of photos I took before Paige arrived, to show you what an exquisite venue this is in late Spring. It's FREE, and it truly is a national treasure. 
(Please note here that photos from older posts appear in the 'Slideshow Archives' on the right.)
I took this one:
Pam took this one:
    Because this post is about roses, I want to tell you about a beautiful service that's available to all local brides, even though it's based in South Australia. Simply Rose
     In an email to me last year, Sarah, the co-founder, wrote, after I told her of my pleasure in discovering her site:
"If there’s ever anything we can help you with (even something as simple as helping one of your brides pick her rose petal colours), please let me know.:" 
     I've been sprinkling brides with rose petals from my own garden in this last month and I think it's such a pretty, gentle thing to do. They're biodegradable as well as beautiful, and they won't leave spots on delicate bridal-frock fabric like bubbles may do. Unlike confetti, rose petals haven't been banned in public places.
    On such a memorable date as 11-11-11, it's not surprising that I had another wedding booked later in the day. The weather stayed perfect for Margot and Stephen who married at 5 in the Senate Courtyard of Old Parliament House
     (Note the rose petals on the red carpet.)
     This is one of my favourite venues because it's private, enclosed and elegant, and, with the large wooden pergola, it's well-set up for wedding ceremonies. It easily accommodates musicians as well.
     It's clear that Stephen and Margot are enjoying being married to the max! 

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