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27 November 2009

Let's hear it for the grooms!

     Nathalie and Chris were married this month in Commonwealth Gardens. Nathalie emailed me with these kind words, which I am really pleased to share. 
     Hi Michele,
I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding on the 7/11/. Everyone
 mentioned what a wonderful ceremony it was, many saying it was the best one that they had ever attended so thankyou very 
much for that, and for the advice that you gave before the day. ...Thanks again for everything...Nathalie
     I have a few photos from their wedding and the one above in particular, got me thinking. Chris, the happy relaxed fine-looking groom is right in the middle, standing between Nathalie and her lovely attendant, her sister Claire. 
     Brides are beautiful. They routinely feature in the centre of photos, and we pay a lot of attention to them. Of course. But grooms are also pretty special and they can get outshone and overlooked. That’s why I’ve called this post ‘Let’s hear it for the grooms!’. I wish to acknowledge all grooms for the time and care they also put into preparations for the big day. 
     A week ago I was at a large and wonderful wedding (no photos) and the groom just melted our hearts. He was reading his wedding vows to his beloved and he could barely get through them, he was so overwhelmed by emotion. In my vast experience as a celebrant I can honestly say I have seen way more grooms ‘lose it’ than brides. My thoughts are that women can psych themselves for the emotional momentum of getting married but men just don’t anticipate how moved they will be by standing up front, declaring love and commitment. And so I also acknowledge the courage it takes to get married, for both groom and bride. 
     When the groom whose voice had seriously wavered (and I won’t mention names) was signing the certificates, his new wife commented on his tears during the ceremony, and on how much their guests had empathised with him. Somewhat embarrassed, he came back with a quick rejoinder: ‘The drama classes worked then!’ 
     Here are a three more photos from Chris and Nathalie’s wedding.  There are others in the slideshow to the right.

Commonwealth Gardens is being remembered these days as a generous and picturesque venue for Canberra weddings. Being a public place, it's free, but you do need to book it with the National Capital Authority. The Deck at Regatta Point is now a popular reception place and this has given the Rhododendron and Azalea gardens a new lease on life. I especially love the big banks of Chinese Beauty Bush (kolkwitzia) that come into flower in the last week of October/first week of November. (see slide show). 
     The photo below was taken during after-wedding drinks and photos. Chris and Nathalie's photographer was Steven from Creative Image Photography. Steve and I have worked as a good team of wedding celebrant/wedding photographer over the years. He is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend him. (I just found Chris and Nathalie on Steve's blogsite.)
     Nathalie was an exquisite bride. It was my great pleasure to be their celebrant.  Next month I will be celebrant for Nathalie’s cousin, Cody and his bride Zeno.
     If you’d like to email me about your wedding plans, please click here.  I welcome your comments and questions. 
     Till next time

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