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20 November 2009

Who's go the best job in the world?!!

Hello and welcome
     I've been preparing a post on witnesses to your wedding to help couples understand the process, but that can wait.

     I am so happy. Last evening I was celebrant for Angela and John, so much in love. I was delighted when I found out that the wedding was to be held in a garden in Forrest that belongs to friends of mine from twenty years back, Chris and Rob. It was so good to see them again. Then, at the wedding was another friend from way back, Sarah, who is the groom's sister. I was celebrant for Sarah and Jack many years ago, when Sarah was carrying Hugh. I got to meet a fine young man, being Hugh, and also his fun-loving younger brother Ed. Such are the bonusses of being a celebrant.
    Below is a photo of John, the groom, with his sister Sarah and their mother Val. What a happy occasion!

     This morning - this v hot late Spring morning - there was a wedding in my Heart Garden. It was a small most enjoyable affair. It's good we had so much shade. After the wedding, guests picked fresh cherries and amelanchier berries as they 'lolled around' in the shady garden. The bride and groom were Suzanne and Richard. They had one attendant - their young son Brin played the special role of ring-bearer.

     Again, another happy surprise for me when, in their small group were Margaret and Nic. I offiiciated at their wedding nine years ago. I got to meet Isabella, lovely flower-girl for Suzanne and Richard, who was three months old at her parents' wedding. Here's Isabella with her Dad Nic, relaxing in the hammock.

So - all in all, two wonderful reminders to me that I have to the best job in the world. Lucky me!
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     Till next time

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